DU Consulting Services

Power Procurement

Our experts review and evaluate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) covering all commercial and technical terms between seller (Generation Companies or Retail Electricity Suppliers) and buyer of electricity (End-user/Customer). This consultation service include analysis of the electricity consumption profile, matching of optimal supply profile (baseload, load following or peaking), and determining the most appropriate tariff structure that will provide least possible cost to customers. Other non-price items such as outages, force majeure events, replacement power and operating protocols are also reviewed to ensure
reliability and quality of power supply.

System Loss Management Program

Our seasoned experts will provide guidance in strategic planning, energy loss accounting, evaluation, analysis, loss targeting and goal setting, developing and operationalizing appropriate loss reduction measures. Our experts have been involved successfully in reducing losses of the largest distribution utility in the Philippines.

Power Quality Solutions

Power quality assessment and investigation are key activities to help better protect equipment, enhance performance , extend equipment life, and most importantly ensure good power quality. Our experienced Energy Specialists that help industrial and commercial customers determine root cause/s of equipment and process downtimes, recommend solutions, and implement cost effective and practical solutions.

DU Capex Planning

Our experts help craft CAPEX plan applications to the ERC that follows the Utility Planning Manual, ensure that all projects are timely, appropriate, necessary and cost-efficient; and that capital projects are consistent with relevant government regulations such as the DDP, PGC, PDC, and other relevant government issuances.

Distribution Impact Study & Distribution Asset Study

Our utility experts can conduct DIS/DAS for Embedded Generators (Conventional and VRE). The DIS refers to a set of technical studies which are used to assess the possible effects of a proposed expansion, reinforcement, or modification of the distribution system or a user development and to evaluate significant incidents. The DAS is performed to determine all required distribution assets and costs necessary to accommodate the proposed interconnection of an EG to a distribution system.