Energy Audit

ISO 50002 standard defines energy audit as “a systematic analysis of energy use and energy
consumption within a defined energy audit scope, in order to identify, quantify and report on the opportunities for improved energy performance.” There are three types of energy audit procedures, Type 1 (Walk-Through Audit or WTA), Type 2 (Energy Diagnosis), and Type 3 (Investment Grade Audit or IGA).

Scope of Work

• Development of assessment and measurement methodology based on the agreed scope and time frame of the energy audit.
• Formation of energy audit team from SmartPower and customer representative
• Conduct energy audit, field survey/measurements, and customer interview on site
• Technical data collection, data processing and analysis
• Energy baseline and index modelling analysis
• Identification of energy savings opportunities
• Economic analysis of potential energy savings and cost saving projects
• Compilation of energy audit report

SmartPower can also help in the implementation of programs and projects, oversee project
management activities, and conduct post-assessment of programs and projects. These activities can be performed separately but it is not part of the scope of Energy Auditing Service.
The third type of energy audit, which is the Investment Grade Audit (IGA), can be done separately if the customer intends can be done separately if the customer intends to make huge investment in energy efficiency projects.