Popular Services

Power Quality Assessment

We assess the power quality of electrical facility by recording and analyzing actual electrical parameters to enhance power supply and equipment compatibility. We also perform root cause analysis to determine the cause of equipment and process downtimes, recommend solutions, and implement cost-effective and practical solutions.

Energy Load Profiling & Analytics

Energy-load profiling and analytics provides a better understanding of energy consumption behavior of customers. Knowledge of consumption patterns will help guide customers in identifying appropriate strategies to reduce energy cost and effectively implement energy efficiency programs and Demand Side Management (DSM). This will also help customers accurately forecast future energy requirements.

Thermographic Inspection

We identify abnormal or unexpected thermal patterns or temperature differentials in the electrical and mechanical systems of a facility through a non-contact and non-destructive inspection method. Findings can be used to identify and prioritize preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

Grounding System Audit

We ensure that proper grounding system is in place for end-user’s facility. Proper grounding is essential to the safe and satisfactory performance of a power system. Proper grounding ensures [1] low-impedance path for the return of fault currents, so that an overcurrent protection device can quickly clear the circuit, [2] low potential difference between exposed metal parts to avoid personnel hazards, and [3] voltage control.

Electrical As-Built Plan

We craft electrical as-built plans (single line diagram) for customer electrical facility. As-built plans help document any changes made during construction of the facilities or other revisions that may have
been performed. Updated electrical as-built plans are crucial for trouble shooting, efficient operation, and future expansion of customer electrical facility.

Power System Analysis

Power system analysis is crucial to ensure that electrical equipment work together, so the required power is delivered to the load centers at the prescribed voltage and no component in the network is overloaded. It also ensures that no system fault condition jeopardizes the safe operation of the whole electrical system.

Capacitor Bank Testing & Assessment

Capacitor testing and assessment is performed to determine the health and status of existing capacitor banks in the customer facility. Further, results of the assessment will show the necessary and cost effective rehabilitation or upgrade required to reach a target power factor improvement and associated costs.

Training Programs

The following list of training programs aims to educate employees and help companies build a culture that will support innovation, sustainability and business competitiveness.

• Power Quality Solutions
• System Loss Management
• Understanding Power Purchase Agreement
• Developing Energy Efficiency Programs
• Introduction to ISO 50001: Energy Management System
• Compliance to RA 11285: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Law
• ICT, Information Security and Project Management
• Enterprise Risk Management