Energy Consulting Services

Utility Billing Analysis

Electricity billing analysis is a comprehensive and detailed review of the customer’s historical electricity bills from the previous 12 months to detect meter reading errors, rates not in accordance with service contract, metering misapplications by the utility, clerical errors in bill computations and incorrect factors applied by the utility. The billing review service is free of charge and shall cover evaluation of energy usage, energy demand, contracted capacity and utility rate structure. Through this activity, our billing experts can help identify zero cost saving opportunities that would lower electricity cost.

Power Procurement

Our experts review and evaluate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) covering all commercial and technical terms between seller (Generation Companies or Retail Electricity Suppliers) and buyer of electricity (End-user or Customer). This consultation service include analysis of the electricity consumption profile, matching of optimal supply profile (baseload, load following or peaking), and determining the most appropriate tariff structure that will provide least possible cost to customers. Other non-price items such as outages, force majeure events, replacement power and operating protocols are also reviewed to ensure reliability and quality of power supply.

Energy Management

Energy Management System helps organizations develop a medium to long-term strategy roadmap to ensure optimum and sustainable energy procurement, energy utilization, and energy efficiency. We have Certified Energy Managers (CEM) to guide customers in the planning and implementation of Energy Management Program and Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP) to establish measurement and verification plan to ensure that energy performance and savings measurement adhere to international standards.

Energy Auditing Service

ISO 50002 standard defines energy audit as “a systematic analysis of energy use and energy consumption within a defined energy audit scope, in order to identify, quantify and report on the opportunities for improved energy performance.” This service involves two types of energy audit procedures, type 1 (Walk-Through Audit or WTA) and type 2 (Energy Diagnosis). The third type of energy audit, which is the Investment Grade Audit (IGA), can be done separately if the customer intends to make huge investment in energy efficiency projects.